dog with toyWe all have pets that we love. But none can be more famous than man’s best friend, the dog. It is one of the best pets to have because of the love and companionship that it offers. And one of best things about dogs is that they don’t talk back. So how do you exactly do a good job of caring for your dog after all of the affection that it gives you? Here are some pet care tips for all of you dog-lovers out there. You might want to try these out for yourselves:

Make friends with the meatcutters

Huge dogs are a joy to be with but most of the time, nothing ever lasts with them. Whether it comes to food or with their playthings, big dogs just consume everything quickly. One of the treats that huge dogs enjoy is real bones. What you can do is go to your local grocers and pass by the meat counter. You may be able to ask for bone for your dog without any charge. The bones that these meatcutters have are the big bones which are just right for your big dog. If you are unable to find one for free, you can find a soup type of bone for a relatively low price ranging from 25 to 50 cents.

Preserve your pillowcases

An old habit for some people when their old pillows and pillowcases get really old and used up is to throw them away. Instead of indulging in this wasteful activity, why not recycle them and just wash the pillow and pillowcases so that they can seem to be good as new and let your dogs sleep with them. Instead of throwing away these things, you may just be a big blessing to your dog by making them feel how it is to sleep as if they were sleeping on an expensive dog bed.

Curb your puppy’s chewing

Most puppies are adorably cute. However, the accompanying stress that comes along with that cuteness is quite high when you are looking at your chewed-up shoes and torn sandals. However, there is a trick that you might want to try out with your curious puppy. You could simply spray bitter apple spray on various items that you don’t want him to chew on. Doing this will essentially save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention a lot of shoes on the side.

Mask the medication

If your dog is sick and their veterinarian requires that they orally take pills along with their meals, most likely they won’t be willing to swallow that pill in the first place. However, a good trick that you could do is simply cut off a small chunk of a banana and simply slip the pill inside it in order for them to eat the pill without being forced. This will essentially prevent your pooch from discarding the pill and will give him or her an easier time taking the necessary medication that needs to be administered.