pot bellied pigFor some people, the idea of owning a pig isn’t really at the top of their list of must-dos. The fact that most people fancy dogs or cats more gives the pot-bellied pig a handicap when it comes to the "pick me" portion of the customer’s visit to the pet shop. The fact of the matter is, people don’t think too highly of pigs as pets although it should be considered that the pot-bellied pig has more endearing and positive qualities than a pet purist would care to know.

Even though some people are not completely sold on the idea of sharing their household with a pig, there are a few people who have already seen the affection and intelligence that these creatures have. There are some people who, with the right expectations and training, have come to witness the joys of having a pot-bellied pig as a pet. This is because this animal has an interesting personality and can also be trained like a dog. This is something that most people don’t know.

Some other positive qualities of the pig are its intelligence, adaptability, curiosity, playful manner, cleanliness, quiet demeanor odor-free and non-allergenic most of the time. There are people who have already considered pigs as an integral part of their family-one with pet status.

One of the pros of having a pig as a pet is that it is very intelligent. It is a very positive and endearing trait that any owner could want in a pet because you would be able to train it like a household dog. It can be taught tricks and you will be able to house-train and leash train it. You could possibly even squeeze in a few tricks here and there. Therefore, inasmuch as it is an unconventional pet, it still is an excellent candidate for being a true pet for any willing and pig-loving owner.

However, with the many positive qualities of a pig, it is important to note that as much as they are intelligent, they are equally as destructive and dominant if they do not have anyone to impose any rules upon them. It is noteworthy that those owners of pot-bellied pigs should anticipate these animals wanting to become the "top pig" in their household. As owners of these animals, the hierarchy of authority should be immediately established by the owners by enforcing strict and consistent house rules. Consequently, constant praise should be given to the animal if they do something right.

Despite being headstrong and quite sensitive, these complex animals have what it takes to be a well-trained, lovable and playful pet for any man, woman and child who has the patience and understanding to keep up with a playful, curious little pig. With much time spent with such a unique type of animal, one will surely come to love the company of a pot-bellied pig for a pet as much as any other conventional animal out there.