The delightful Australian Mist, formerly known as the Spotted Mist, proudly wears the label ‘Made In Australia". This home-grown Aussie cat breed has evolved from a predominantly Burmese background, with Abyssinian and domestic shorthair input. From this combination has come the most confident and companionable of cats

Blesses with the loving personality of the Burmese, the joie-de-vivre of the Abyssinian and the resilience of the ‘moggie’, the Australian Mist reflects the best of its mixed ancestry – combined with its own unique charms.


Australian Mists are medium-sized shorthaired cats, with an open generous expression, created by the rounded head, broad whiskerpads and large, expressive eyes. The coat patterns are spotted and marbled, delicately marked (misted) yet quite visible at a short distance. The legs and tail are ringed or barred, and the face and neck also have delicate lines of colour. Australian Mist come in six colours: brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach.


The breed’s hallmark spotted jacket comes in a wide variety of attractive hues, from warm brown to blue, chocolate to lilac and gold to peach – with the misty background colours highlighting its delicate but distinctive spots.


A personality-plus puss with a penchant for fun, the Australian Mist thrives on human companionship. Tolerant of even the youngest of children, these friendly felines enjoy playing games and being part of the hustle and bustle of a busy household making entertaining companions for people of all ages.

"Spotties", as they are affectionately known, are extremely alert and attentive. Super athletes, they are possessed of limitless energy and a cheeky, inquisitive nature.

Independent, intelligent and self-assured, these cats know exactly what they want out of life – and how to go about getting it!