scottish fold catThe Scottish Fold has a look all of its own. It has been described as appearing to wear a helmet because from which ever way the head is viewed it appears round, accentuated by the tightly folded ears. The whisker pads are prominent and give the impression of a ‘smiling’ cat.

History and origin

The first Scottish Fold appeared in a litter on a Scottish farm in 1961, but since then has been crossed with the British Shorthair to develop into a breed of medium sized, well padded cats with large, round, broadly spaced eyes and a sweet expression, as well as the typical folded ears.


As the gene for the folded ear is a simple dominant gene, kittens with normal erect ears (known as ‘pert’ ears) will occur, and these are then known as Scottish Shorthairs.

The fold’s body also gives the impression of roundness. It is medium-sized, rounded, well-padded and even from shoulder to pelvis. The tail is medium to long, tapered and in proportion to the body.

Scottish folds are found in both longhaired and shorthaired varieties.


Scottish Folds can be found in almost every colour and combination of colours.


The Fold is a sweet natured cat which loves to play and enjoys supervising whatever you are doing. Their activity level is moderate and many have the peculiarly uncatlike habit of sleeping flat on their back!

Scottish Folds adore company and are not happy if left alone for long periods of time. A solution is to buy two Folds to keep each other from being lonely and you will get twice the love and devotion from these unique cats.


Shorthaired folds need minimal grooming. Because their coat is dense, however, it’s necessary to comb their fur with a good steel comb once or twice a week to remove dead hairs. Longhaired folds require more grooming combing with a good steel comb twice or three times a week will prevent mats and keep the fur looking its best.


Price varies depending upon area, breeder, bloodline and quality, as well as gender, body and ear type, and color and pattern. Generally, a pet-quality fold runs $500 to $800, but this can vary.