Choosing the Right Food for Your Cat
Premium cat food Although more expensive than average brands, these foods are often better for your cat. They are low-bulk, which means that cats will digest more of the food, thus eating and eliminating less. They contain little or no dyes, which can be important if your cat vomits regularly (easier to clean up); probably also good from a diet viewpoint. Examples of these kind of brands include (but are not limi

March 21st, 2007Grooming Your Cat

Grooming Your Cat
Unlike the shorthaired cat that uses his rough tongue to groom his coat, longhaired cats can’t groom their coats themselves. Longhairs should be groomed, starting as a kitten, from 10 to 30 minutes a day. If not brushed or combed daily their coats become matted. Then you’ll have to pay the vet or professional groomer a price for neglecting your longhaired companion. Special combs and brushes can be fou
Emergency Care For Dog Poisoning
The definition of a poison is any substance that is harmful to the animal’s body. There are a wide range of potentially poisonous substances for your dog. One of the most common poisons are animal baits which are effective palatable poisons the encourage animals to eat or ingest these chemicals. Dogs are naturally curious and they have an inclination to hunt anything that is quite smaller or even explore pla

March 19th, 2007Taking Care of a Dog

Taking Care of a Dog
We all have pets that we love. But none can be more famous than man’s best friend, the dog. It is one of the best pets to have because of the love and companionship that it offers. And one of best things about dogs is that they don’t talk back. So how do you exactly do a good job of caring for your dog after all of the affection that it gives you? Here are some pet care tips for all of you dog-lovers ou