puppy chewing ballWhenever you have a toy dog or toy puppy coming in, you will be bombarded with a lot of new things to adjust to. There will be more expenses, more cleaning done and most especially, more chewed things around the house.

A puppy can be a mischievous little thing when it comes to the integrity of your furniture, footwear and practically just about anything that’s lying around in your house. These little animals can seriously do a lot of damage and may injure themselves if they’re not that careful.

Toy puppies are very inquisitive and they will surely sink their teeth into everything that they can possibly get a hold of. Puppies will surely electrocute themselves should they chance upon an electrical wire or phone cord that’s simply lying around. These types of wires should be proactively taped on the walls and should be off-limits to your pet.

Filter materials and objects

As the owner, you should be responsible for getting and picking up all of the different things that may be scattered across the floor of your home. Examples of such things are rubber bands, paper clips, children’s small toys, pens and pencils. These may be quite dangerous for your toy puppy or toy dog once it chews and tries to swallow these questionable everyday objects. These might either choke your dog or injure their teeth and gums.

In order to prevent such an event, you should take it upon yourself to filter through the different materials or objects that may be lying around for your puppy’s safety. Take out your books, shoes and clothes and you will be glad that you put them in a safe place.

Consult a vetenarian

As a maintenance rule, you should also consult with your veterinarian to ask if he or she may be able to recommend any particular oral cleansing gel for you or your puppy or dog. This will be topically applied to the pet’s gums in order to prevent any buildup of bacteria in the puppy’s mouth.

Choose hygenic toys

Be sure to also get chewing toys for your puppy that are hygenic and does not accumulate bacteria easily. Those chew toys that look like stringy dental floss is not appropriate for your puppy since this particular material might accumulate bacteria in the long run. This will not be a good teething or chewing toy for your puppy at all.

What you can do is try to shop for some Nylabones which are a good alternative to real bones. These will give your puppy something not soft and not hard enough. The right type of hardness is vital for any puppy’s dental health. Therefore, you should adapt your chewing toys appropriately.

Finally, in order to prevent your puppy from chewing on any important surface such as furnitures or wooden legs of your antique stand, you could try spreading bitter-tasting liquids on it in order to dissuade your puppy from even putting his or her mouth anywhere near those surfaces.