rabbitFor people who are would be first time rabbit owners, they often get surprised to know that there are more than 40 breeds of rabbits that they could choose from. Each breed has distinct colors, sizes, shapes and coat types. However, the differences can be subtle with only the size and coat types as the most pronounced ones. There are dwarfed rabbits that can weigh under 2.5 lbs and giant ones that can reach sizes of 16 lbs. Coats can be short or long, with longer coated breed needing daily grooming.

Big rabbit breed

Among the bigger breeds or rabbits are the American Checkered Giant rabbit which has black or blue markings on its coat; the American Chinchilla that has dense, fine, smooth and glossy hair; Champagne d’Argent which are bluish white with black hairs interspersed; the English Spot that comes in black, blue, chocolate, gold, grey, lilac or tortoise colors and have markings on nose, colored ears, eye rings, spine; the Palomino; the Giant Papillon which looks like an English Spot except patches on sides instead of spots; and the Satin breed.

Small rabbit breed

The smaller breeds include the Alaskan which has a thick coat and originated in Germany; the American Fuzzy Lop which comes in a variety of coat colors and has a compact muscular body; the Britannia Petite with characteristically slender, fine boned build with a sleek, silky coat; the Dutch breed which has the front of the face, body, and the back feet colored white and the rest is colored; the Dwarf Hotot which has black eye rings; the Florida White with pure white coat and rounded body; the Himilayan which has coats of black, blue, chocolate, and lilac; the Holland Lop; the Jersey Wolly; the Mini Rex; the Polish; the Silver breed; and the Tan.

Giant rabbit breed

Among the giant breeds of rabbits, the most distinguised are the Checkered Giant, Flemish Giant, French Lop, and the Giant Chinchilla. These giant rabbit breeds can grow to as heavy and big as 11 lbs or 5 kg or even more.

The biggest rabbit on record is a 7.7kg one named Herman. Herman is a German Giant and reaches a height of 1 meter. The rabbit eats an average of 2kg of food a day plus various vitamin supplements. On the other hand, the smallest known rabbit is the wild Pygmy Rabbit found in North America. This rabbit measures a mere 9.2-11.6 inches (23.5-29.5 cm) in length and weighs around 0.88-1.02 lbs (398-462 g). The Pygmy rabbit can fit snuggly in the palm of your hand.

Often, the most common domesticated breeds taken in as pets are the European breeds, which are a mix of large, dwarf, and middle-sized breeds. Specifically, the Angora and Rex rabbit breeds are often preferred.