September 10th, 2007Caring For Angelfish

Caring For Angelfish
Angelfish are very unique fishes. They are one of the more fragile ones that you might find in your aquarium simply because they have long, delicate fins that signify the gentleness that they require. So here are a few tips for taking care of an angelfish. Aquarium Size We start with the aquarium size. This is relatively unimportant but you have to note that with the number of angelfish, the number of gallons will

September 10th, 2007How to Attract Birds

How to Attract Birds
You may move from one town and into another but there isn’t much you can do about them. They’re pretty much everywhere and they’re not about to disappear now. Yes, we’re talking about birds. Whether it’s in a posh, Manhattan apartment or the quiet fields of Southern California, you will always have birds up and about. Birds are practically everywhere. You just have to stand still and l

September 10th, 2007How Intelligent are Pets

Every pet owner becomes elated when he/she finds out that their pets are highly intelligent. They gauge the level of intelligence based on observed behaviors like the way their pets’ exhibit learning abilities, problem-solving abilities, observation skills, memory skills, and a high level of curiosity. A lot of research and studies have practically nullified the common belief centuries ago that animals are n

September 10th, 2007Online Pet Resources

Online Pet Resources
Online pet resources have become an excellent source of information for those people who are fond of pets and find it necessary to be able to connect with other people out there. It is quite important to be able to find different types of online resources if you are a pet owner because this simply saves you the time and trouble of physically leaving your house in order to go to a pet community gathering just to be

September 10th, 2007Choosing a Rabbit as Pet

Choosing a Rabbit as Pet
When people talk about pets, probably the first animal that comes to mind is a dog or maybe a cat. However, there are some people who simply prefer rabbits over those two classic pets. It’s not uncommon to have rabbits as pets nowadays simply because they have a lot of advantages. They are social animals as they allow themselves to be petted and they are also active and playful. For the prepared owner, they w