rabbit in the grassWhen people talk about pets, probably the first animal that comes to mind is a dog or maybe a cat. However, there are some people who simply prefer rabbits over those two classic pets. It’s not uncommon to have rabbits as pets nowadays simply because they have a lot of advantages. They are social animals as they allow themselves to be petted and they are also active and playful. For the prepared owner, they will serve as excellent pets. So here are some of the pros as well as cons for the rabbit as a pet.

One of the good sides to a rabbit is that their life expectancy is anywhere from 5 to 15 years, making them a good pet that, when well-taken care of, will stay in the family for many, many years.

They are very gentle and social animals as they are generally quite tame when being handled.

As social animals, they need a substantial amount of interaction with their owners in order for them to be happy. There should be a daily amount of playtime as well as exercise outside of their cages for these animals. This is not optional and if you want to have your rabbit live long enough, you should be able to take good care of them and interact with them.

These animals are high maintenance. Someone should be able to put in a good deal of work to be able to properly take care of a rabbit.

They are able to learn how to be litter trained.

These animals have a tendency to chew on things so they need to have chewable toys around them most of the time. If you will allow a rabbit to run around, then you should carefully "rabbit-proof" the area.

Rabbits need a relatively large cage wherein they will need to spend the rest of their sleeping time in.

Even though rabbits are most often quiet, rabbits are not a good fit for those active young children who do not exercise enough caution when picking up, handling or playing with the rabbit.

Although rabbits are social animals as they like to be around people, they would rather not that they be touched.

Veterinary care for these pets will be quite extensive and expensive so be sure to factor this in.

If you have a male and a female rabbit, you should seriously consider having them spayed or neutered immediately if you don’t plan on taking care of a legion of these animals in your backyard. Another thing is that the veterinarian who will be doing the spaying or neutering should have had experience in surgery on rabbits. After all, you don’t want your favorite rabbit neutered and dead as well.

The urine of the rabbit has a strong odor so you should expect to change their litterbox quite frequently. The spaying or neutering can help reduce the odor though. Also the urine is quite high in calcium so be sure to clean it up with vinegar just in case the chalky residue dries up and becomes hard to clean up from the floor.