Every pet owner becomes elated when he/she finds out that their pets are highly intelligent. They gauge the level of intelligence based on observed behaviors like the way their pets’ exhibit learning abilities, problem-solving abilities, observation skills, memory skills, and a high level of curiosity.

A lot of research and studies have practically nullified the common belief centuries ago that animals are not dumb creatures and are not capable of reasoning, emotions, planning and intelligence. Contrary to the old beliefs, pets and animals in general show indication that they have the ability to think and understand.

For example, some of the recent studies have found out that animals remember past events. Animals were shown to be capable of identifying situations that happened in the past. Scientists have also shown that pets are capable of thinking and considering the consequences of their actions. They act based on what would give them the best rewards. Although, some might think that this is bordering on instinct alone. Nevertheless, intelligence in animals is a pretty vague concept and the actual measure of it can’t be done by means of a single tool.

More studies have dealt on different species of both domesticated and wild animals trying to identify how they exhibit their intelligence.

Some more researches have indicate that animals know the concept of time having a basic understanding of the passing of time. Also, it was found out that parrots understand the concept of zero. Moreover, scientists even said that some animals exhibit metacognition or the ability to think about their own thoughts.

Furthermore, even farm animals are not as stupid as we earlier thought they were. Pigs, sheep, cows, and even chickens display proof or sign of intelligence. In a controlled setting, a pig was found to be computer wizard having able to perform and complete a test that was designed for a chimp. Also, they were able to teach a chicken to run the thermostat of the chicken coop.

Even a recent study at Oxford University proved that fish in an aquaria at the university quickly learn things, are able to keep memory for months, and can can carry mental maps of their surrounding area. In fact, they have been considered as more intelligent than some small mammals.

However, comparing the intelligence of different pets is not an ideal thing to do. Different kinds of pets have their own brand of intelligence. The level of their intelligence is based on how they live their lives. Each species would exhibit levels of intelligence that would help them adapt to a particular way of life.

However, flexibility plays a vital role in the animal’s survival. Flexible animals can better survive in an unpredictable world.