bird You may move from one town and into another but there isn’t much you can do about them. They’re pretty much everywhere and they’re not about to disappear now. Yes, we’re talking about birds. Whether it’s in a posh, Manhattan apartment or the quiet fields of Southern California, you will always have birds up and about. Birds are practically everywhere. You just have to stand still and listen to them.

Every year, millions of Americans engage in the pastime of bird-watching. This is one of the things that  you can do if you’re looking to have a new activity to try out. This is a pastime with such a large following simply because birds are so much fun to watch. Another thing that you could say about bird-watching is that you can enjoy it just about anywhere. One of the most perfect places to start is your very own backyard where you can set up a fountain, and a birdseed platform.

Bird watching has become one of the fastest growing activities when it comes to outdoor recreation in the country. More than 65 million Americans watch birds. They feed them and even go to great lengths as to landscape their own backyards for them. These birds range from songbirds, hummingbirds and other relatively known bird species. These people actually make their backyard a veritable haven where birds will feel welcomed by the different colors and birdseed that abound. When an atmosphere of this type is seen by birds, they will continuously flock towards your place every time and you better be prepared.

One of the basic things that you have to remember whenever you are bird watching is that you should be able to provide the basic necessities that the bird needs. That includes a nest or a place to stay such as a bird house, food, water and ample vegetation that surrounds your place. Mind you, birds aren’t picky. They’ll stay on top of the branch of your tree or inside that custom-built birdhouse that you so lavishly bestowed upon them.

You should also remember that birds need a lot of water so it would help a lot if there is a nearby source of water such as a creek or maybe a fountain where they can drink and play around when they feel like getting a birdbath. You can probably recycle an old Frisbee disc for a plate and add marbles or stones so that you could have a makeshift fountain for a birdbath.

You should simply also remember to give the birds enough birdseed by providing them birdseed through a traditional platform feeder or one that you can hang around a tree or your front porch. You should simply just take care of the bare necessities of the birds and just make sure that nothing disturbs them when they are already inside your backyard, making themselves comfortable. Just remember to make everything inviting and you will be able to watch all of the birds that you wanted to watch.