October 24th, 2007Choosing the Right Fish

Choosing the Right Fish
Most people settle for a pet fish because they cannot provide the available space nor satisfy the needed attention and time cats, dogs or other pets require. A pet fish is relatively easy to maintain. They don’t need to be groomed or be washed. There’s no need to train them not to make your carpet their comfort room. And, you never see someone walking their fish, or struggling to bring their pets into t

October 9th, 2007Taking Care of Your Turtle

Taking Care of Your Turtle
Taking care of one’s turtle might seem such an easy task but be sure not to be complacent. It’s very important that you always tend to your turtle and take into account what his special needs are. He might seem like he’s a low maintenance pet but careful and precise procedures should be taken to ensure that your turtle lives long enough. There are too many stories of turtles dying in captivity so