tropical fishMost people settle for a pet fish because they cannot provide the available space nor satisfy the needed attention and time cats, dogs or other pets require. A pet fish is relatively easy to maintain. They don’t need to be groomed or be washed. There’s no need to train them not to make your carpet their comfort room. And, you never see someone walking their fish, or struggling to bring their pets into the vet’s clinic, have you?

If you like simple, low maintenance animal as your pet, then owning a fish is the way to go. Although, they are not as cuddly and as good a companion as dogs or cats, nevertheless, owning several fish species inside a big tank has its allure. A good fish tank can be very peaceful. Why do you think we have those fish aquarium screen savers? Water has always been very relaxing.

A good aquarium, however, needs not only the right accessories but needs first and foremost the right fish species. You need to be careful in combining different kinds of fish in the same tank. Some species prefer living only with their own kind, and some prefer living alone, eating any companions you put inside the tank.

Tropical fish

Let’s start with the tropical fresh and marine water fish. The freshwater varieties are small fish varieties which have strong, vibrant colors, which makes them quite popular. They are small and can be fitted in a relatively small fish tank. Meanwhile, the tropical marine fish species are known for their beauty, exquisiteness, and varieties. They can be a little expensive though.

Among the best kinds of tropical fish for your aquarium include Oscars, Angel Fish, Tetras, Tiger Barbs, Black Knife Fish, Fancy Guppies, Mollies, Gouramis, the Butterfly Loach, the Bala Shark, the Elephant Nose Fish, the Danios, the African Butterfly Fish, and the Puffer Fish.

Cold water fish

The second kind are the cold water fish types. Compared to tropical freshwater fish, the cold water fish need a bigger tank. Also, the cold water fish needs more oxygen, thus you need a bigger and powerful tank filter to sustain its needs.

Among the most common residents of a cold water aquarium are Goldfish, Koi, White Cloud Minnows, Salmonidae, Phoxinus, Lepomis, Tanichthys, and weather loach. Other cold water aquarium inhabitants include crabs, ghost shrimp, and snails.

Also, you should choose for fish varieties that get along. Gouramis, Angel Fish Loaches, Tiger Barbs and, believe it not, most Sharks.

Also is it always to keep in mind to not overcrowd the aquarium. In a 20-gallon tank complete with aquarium plants and accessories, about 16 fish will be happy and comfortable. You could observe one of the general rule of placing one, one-inch fish per gallon of water.

In the same 20-gallon aquarium, you can place male and female sunset platy, a pair of rosy barbs, four zebra danios, male and female dwarf gourami, and a single plecostomus or algae-eater without worrying about them fighting with each other for territory.