yorshire terrierWhat’s in a pet’s name?

For some people, choosing a name for their pets is as serious as choosing a name for their kids. For some it’s a simple as choosing your favorite color. However serious you are in naming your pet, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Does it suit your pet?

Say you own a cute hairy Maltese . It doesn’t make sense to call it "Baldy". All the more does calling a Greyhound "Furry" or "Fur Ball". Unless you have a crazy sense of humor. Likewise, if you have a cute little Japanese chin, it’s okay (though a bit funny) to call it by an ominous sounding name like "Hunter" or "Killer". But if you own a Rottweiler or evern a Pitbull, better think twice. Also, avoid redundancy. I once had the mistake of calling naming my dog "Pooch". A name sadly lacking in creativity.

Keep it short and Sweet

If you own a genius dog-wonder, then by all means name it "Tallulah Madonna Blue Bell". If your dog is of normal dog-intellect, and for obedience purposes also, then it’s okay to call it by a 1 or 2-syllable name, like say "Conan". Just make sure that if you are going to use a short names, your dog will be able to differentiate its name from commands.

Mass appeal

If your still not sure if your dog’s name is sounds good and appropriate, try using calling your dog while walking it through your neighborhood. If snickers follow, after calling your Bulldog "Beauty", then you’ll know you have to reconsider.

After going through all the considerations above, you’re ready to give your dog a name.