labrador puppyChoosing a pet for you and your family is not as simple as it seems. When choosing the right pet for you and your family, there are many things you have to consider.

What kind of pet do you like?

First of all, think of what kind of pet you would like to own. Think of your personality. What kind of pet suits you. For instance, if you are an outdoors-y type of person, you may want to consider owning a dog, since cats or other animals are not as active or not as companionable as dogs.

Be sure to research on your chosen pet’s needs and behavior so you can prepare for them. This will help in avoiding problems and ensure a happy pet-owner relationship.

Your budget

If you are considering owning a pet, think first if your can afford to get one and provide for its maintenance. Consider your income and see if you can provide your pet’s food, necessary materials for feeding, bathing and other activities, regular visits to the vet and getting shots (for rabies and others).

Your house/location

First check your state’s or your city’s policies regarding pets. Some states have certain limits to the number of pets you can own, while some require pet licenses. Make sure that you can abide by them if you are seriously considering owning a pet. Then, consider the place where you live in. If you are renting, check first if owning pets are allowed. Some apartments do not allow pets, while some require additional fees.

Next, check if your place is big enough to accommodate you + your family + a pet. You must take into consideration also, your pet’s behavior. Some small cats and dogs can get all the exercise they need indoors or in a small yard. Some, however, require a large space where they can run around. Take into consideration also your house’s proximity to a vet clinic or animal hospital.

Your lifestyle

Are you busy 24/7? chances are, you won’t have the time to feed and look after your pet. Consider the kind or lifestyle that you lead and see if it is pet-friendly. Would you have time to play with your pet? Let alone feed it and care for it? Would you have people to care for your pet in your absence? These are some aspects of your lifestyle that you need to look into.

Your family

When choosing the right pet, it is always a good thing to ask your family members’ opinions. That way, no one is left out. If you just choose right out a pet for your family without consulting them, chances are not everyone will like your choice. And most importantly, take into consideration, your family’s health. If you have family members who have allergies to animals or animal fur, or you have family members who have asthma, consult with them first regarding the situation.

Your other pets

If you own other pets, take into consideration your older pets’ reaction to the new addition. Some might get jealous. Some might even be aggressive to your new pet. Introduce your pets to each other slowly. Take into consideration also their living spaces. Some pets are territorial and might not like other animals invading their area.

After having gone through this check list, you are ready to go to the pet store.