pet handicappedAnimals have that uncanny ability to cope with whatever injury comes their way, no matter how extreme. Stories of amazing animal recoveries and accomplishments pour in from all over the world.

Animal Euthanasia

However, is only recently that people have come to accept handicapped animals as pets. Even more recently have efforts in saving an animal from death due to a severe injury become priority or even an option. Before, when an animal is severely injured, most people – even veterinarians and owners – would prefer to just end the animals life. Euthanasia or mercy killing.

Saving a life

Today, euthanasia is a last resort for people – for some it’s not even an option. Advances in animal surgery, rehabilitation techniques, pain management and and cancer treatment helped in bringing about this change in perspective. Add to the fact that today’s society is becoming more more humane and compassionate towards animals.

Coping with a disability

People have also come to realize that animals have the ability to adapt to their handicap surprisingly well. Handicapped animals learn to rely more on their other senses. Animals and pets who needed to have a leg amputated due to a severe injury or accident have learned to walk on three legs. Doctors say that animals are able to do this because they are able to shift their body weight.

By being adaptable and with proper therapy animals and pets are back in shape in almost no time at all Animals and pets are also able to cope with blindness. Blind animals go by feel and use their whiskers. If an animal loses its sight at an early age then it is able to cope with being blind easier because its brain’s plasticity rapidly adjust to the situation.

Handicapped achievers

Pet owners and animal lovers say that their handicapped pets have not lost their ability to do things that other animals can do simply because they suffered an injury. Most say that their three-legged pets usually do as well as their four-legged counterparts.

An owner claimed that her three-legged cat can still climb trees and is the most active in the grroup. Another pet owner even entered his three-legged pet dog in race and won over its four-legged opponents. One owner of a three-legged dog has a story about his disabled pet’s heroics.

One night, he was woken up by his dog, biting and scratching him and running around. It turned out the house was full of smoke. Lucky for the owner his dog warned him of the danger. As for his blind pet, one owner claims that his cat has the uncanny ability to know if a toy-sock has been thrown towards him and it won’t make the slightest sound but the cat would run towards the sock and play with it.

Handicapped animals are still whole despite their disability. It doesn’t make them any less lovable or less of a good pet. Devastating injuries are not the end for animals and pets. Rather than ending their lives. We should find ways to bring them back into shape and who knows, maybe the pet you thought of killing may just be the one who’ll save your life.