dog dental careDogs love bones. Not because it is their food of choice. The truth of the matter is they use bones to clean their teeth. Kind of like humans using toothpicks. Now with a lot of health care services and products available for your dog, make sure he’s getting proper dental care.

What you can do?

Take your dog to the vet for a dental exam. If you suspect that he has dental problems, take him to the vet right away, and not wait until your next scheduled visit.

Start a dental plan. Ask your veterinarian what you can do to improve on or maintain your dogs dental health. You can also brush your dog’s teeth (vet’s recommend doing so) or feed him specially formulated foods that combat plaque and tartar build up.

And, as with any health-related issues about your pets, regular veterinary check-ups are important. Regular visits help your vet monitor your dog’s dental and over-all health properly.