dog travel in carTraveling with pets in our car is bliss and it is more fantastic for people who love their pets so much. But as much as it is pleasurable to have our pets with us it also obliges us to be responsible to tend to our pets needs.

When traveling through car it is not only ourselves that we have to take care of but also the creatures we call pet that we bring with us. Several car accidents have already been reported due to negligence with regard to securing pets in the car. The following are instructions to guide to assure that both the pet and its owner will have a safe and joyful travel.

For Starters

Most pets love to have a car ride. However, this inclination does not always have a positive result with our beloved animals by the end or even in the middle of the journey. Just like human, some tend to vomit in the middle of the drive because of dizziness. This could happen to your pet too especially for young ones.

For puppies, it is advised to make them acquainted with your vehicle first before having them go with you in your trips. Make them get inside your car from time to time so to make themselves comfortable with the car. Once you can see that the puppy is already having the comfortable feeling of your vehicle then that is the time wherein you can already start bringing them with you in your short trips. Ten to fifteen minutes of car drive will do to start.

For Long Drives

We all want to have a smooth travel by car. Nonetheless, at times we tend to be inconvenienced due to some unexpected problems not by our car but the pets that we have with us. Make your pet obligations seem like a piece of cake through these following the following instructions.

Have a Healthy Pet – Make sure to visit your pet’s veterinarian before the heading for that long ride you’ve been planning to have. Your pet’s doctor can have him vaccinated to make sure that it will not spread rabies or rather it is protected from any diseases that the travel may cause. The veterinarian can also give you information with regard to the possible problem that you may encounter while traveling.

Have a Well-Trained Pet – Having a well-trained pet gives more assurance with regard to your pet’s safety as well as your good sense while on the go. You pet must know how to comply with simple obedience command for instance sit, stand, stay, come, bark, be quite, eat and come.

Plan Ahead for Travel Accommodations – It is likely for pet owners having their pets traveling with them having problems with hotel accommodations, restaurants, campgrounds, motels and others. To avoid having such problem make sure to make accommodations at least three months in advance as there are also a lot of pet owners who loves traveling.

Bring all Necessary Paper Works – Be sure to pack with you the current health certificate, proof of vaccinations, license and more importantly the contact number of your veterinarian of your pet. This will give you convenience when having health problems with your pet.

Have your Pet Identified – Do not forget to bring the most current picture of your pet just incase it got lost. Make sure that your pet has an ID tag and it includes your name, address, mobile number as well as your local phone number so that whoever finds your darling can easily contact you.

Provide Comfort and Security – Make sure that your pet is comfortable. Park in a place wherein there is shade to cover your darling from the heat of the sun. Have your car’s window open for fresh air but not too wide open for security purposes. Mind not to leave your pet on the car too long. It attracts thieves and other malefactors. Always have them fasten to assure that they will not just jump out of the window to investigate some odd odor or chase a cats.