dog houseIt is imperative to provide our pets with clean dog house. Doghouse can be smutty most of the time. We may find pet urine, dirt, flea and any other distasteful matter being brought by out pets.

Nevertheless, no matter how distasteful are the matters that we can see in our pet’s area we do not have the choice but to clean it. Unclean environment only promises sickness and more dirt to our house. The following are instructions for effective dog house cleaning.

Always have your pet’s doghouse cleaned at least twice every month. Clean it more often however during humid or rather rainy seasons.

To avoid getting unwanted bacteria for yourself always make use to be protected. Wear gloves that extend to your wrist and if possible use masks too.

Start to take off all the feces you may find in the doghouse before cleaning up the other part of the dog house.

Remove the upper portion of the doghouse so to make it easy for you to clean the insides. Make sure to sweep all of the dirt inside such as leaves, twigs and any other dirt.

Wash, scrub the floor and walls of the dog house with a mild soap and a bucket or two of water.

Make sure to rinse the soap away in the outside and inside of the doghouse before placing or rather putting back the upper portion. This is also so to avoid having our pets get a hold of some soap into their system.