pet lossDeath is one of the situations that we do not want ourselves to deal with as much as we can. Nevertheless such situation is inevitable. Living, dying it is the cycle of life. Living gives us happiness, adventure while the other generally gives grief. How do we deal with death?

There are four generally accepted stages of grief and those are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Everyone generally pass through these stages before moving on. Yet again, the bottom line is we get through all of the said stages because we learned the truth and accepted it. Hence, it is learning the truth the most important factor in moving on.


The first slap of reality is hard to accept. It is for the mere reason that it came too fast, unexpected that we get so overwhelm about it. Due to that we tend to not believe what happened immediately and find it hard to accept the reality.


There is a cause for every happening. At times people blame the outcome of a certain situation such as the death of their pet to the food that was eating before it died or to themselves the pet owner. Being angry to ourselves or rather at someone is so they say one way of coping up because it is easier to accept something if we know who is responsible for something. On the other hand, one must understand that there is really no need to be angry with someone and most especially with themselves. Being angry will only add more pressure to oneself. So instead of inflicting anger to one or on to others relax and have fun instead.


Not everyone goes through this stage especially with the death of a certain pet. Nonetheless at times it does happen especially with kids. You can see them praying to heavens while crying to bring their puppy back to life and in exchange they will be a very good girl or boy. This is the phase wherein we want to do anything or something just to have what we love back again.


We must face it. Whatever and whoever we lose due to death will never be back to life. There is nothing that we can do about it. During this period is when everything is getting clearer and clearer. We cannot do anything beyond our means anymore and that does not feel good. When dealing with children, be advised to hear them out. It will be better for a person under extreme depression especially when it is their first encounter with death to have someone they can vent out with.


Acceptance is the last stage among the generally accepted stages of grief. This is when the truth completely sank into our consciousness and we are on the process of embracing it fully. What is gone is gone. The least that we can do for someone going through with this is to support them. Listen to them; tell them that you do understand what they are going through especially with the young ones.


As cliché as it may sound, it is the truth that will make us free or rather all right. No matter how hard the truth is it is still better to know about it than never. Never lie nor do too much sugar coating. Break the news as subtle or rather candid as you can because by the end of the day is what he or she really needs.