dog checkupPet dogs require the owners care and attention in order to remain healthy and active. This will call for having your dog its annual checkup to make sure that your pet maintain that healthy and energetic appearance. Here is a checklist of some things that would help ensure your pet dog remain that way all year.

Vet Appointment

It is essential that you should bring your pet dog to an annual visit with a veterinarian. A vet check up would make sure that you are caring for your pet well. Even if your pet dog looks healthy and fine, a vet check up would also help discover subtle changes in your pet dog’s health. A visit to a dog doctor every year is essential, with added visits as they grow older or require medical attention.

Update Vaccinations

One way of ensuring that your pet dog remains healthy and disease free is by making sure that your dog’s annual vaccinations are kept up to date. There are vaccinations for diseases such as leptospirosis, distemper and the parvovirus that should be updated annually. There are also vaccinations such as rabies shots that may need to be updated and administered every one to three years, depending on the regulations of the state that you are living in.

Flea and Parasite Control

You can also discuss with your pet’s vet about how to control fleas and ticks that can be a problem with dogs. Aside from being an irritating problem both for the pet dog and the owner, since flea eggs cannot only infest your pet dog but also can be found around the home and the yard. Fleas and ticks can be controlled by using products that can eliminate them.

Pet dogs should also be checked for internal parasites. In order to do this, a dog stool sample should be sent to a vet clinic or a laboratory to check if your pet dog may be harboring intestinal parasite eggs. It is also important to ask the for help vet on identifying parasites such as tapeworm segments which cannot be easily detected in just a stool sample.

Dental Care

Pet dogs also need some dental care. Your dog might need to go through an annual dental check up and possible a dental cleaning. An annual check up would be needed to examine if your pet dog would need some preventive dental cleaning. This annual exam would also help evaluate if you are doing a good job yourself in providing at-home dental care for your pet dog.