dog allergiesThere are various treatments being used to help treat allergies in dogs. The treatments available would depend on the type of allergy that your pet dog experiences. Here are some of the more common treatments that vets may use to help your pet dog cope up with different types of allergies.

Topical Treatments

Most of the time, pet dogs would suffer from allergies that would have them continuously itching and scratching. The most effective treatment for such allergies would be using topical treatment products to help your pet dog get some relief from the allergic itch. A wide variety of shampoos, rinses and anti-itch solutions are available to provide immediate but short-term relief to your pet dog from itching.

Other topical treatments include hydrocortisone creams and other lotion and spray products that may be used to provide localized treatment for the skin of your pet dog from itching. They are especially useful for areas that may require manual application such as between the toes or in between the ears and other hard to reach areas.


Antihistamines are also effective for controlling the effects of allergies in dogs. Most of these drugs were first developed to treat allergies in humans. The problem with them is that they usually come with side effects that may affect your pet dog. Care and veterinary recommendation is required when using antihistamines to treat the allergies of your pet dog.

Biotin and Fatty Acids

Biotin is actually a dietary treatment that may help ease the allergies that dogs usually experience. Biotin is one of the B vitamins and has shown to be effective in improving the condition of dogs with dry, itchy and allergic skin. Biotin is usually used together with fatty acids as treatment for dogs with allergies. Biotin is considered safe and has no side effects.

Omega-3 fatty acids also has been shown to be effective in the treatment of allergies in dogs. These fatty acids work in the skin of dogs and help reduce the amount as well as the effects of histamines and other chemicals released by the body as a reaction to allergies. Fatty acids, just like biotin, are used as dietary supplements for dogs which can also help in improving your pet dog’s coat quality and shine.