bouvier bermoisMoving to another home can take some getting-used-to, especially for you pet. When moving with you pet to a new home there are somethings you have to consider.

Plan beforehand

Think about what you’ll be needing for your journey. Most importantly consider your means of transportation and your destination. Will you be traveling by plane? Maybe you can call up the airlines for their pet accommodations. Will there be pet-friendly hotels where you’ll be staying for a while.

Pet carrier

It’s always a good idea to get a pet carrier, especially if moving a considerable distance. It’s safer for you pet since he/she is comfortably confined during the moving period. Just be sure to gradually introduce you pet to its temporary home so it can get used to it.

How you will be traveling

If your traveling by car, think about how your per behaves during lengthy drives. Keep in mind that your should never leave your pet inside your parked vehicle, especially when it’s hot out. Rise in temperature could kill it. Never drive with your dog in open back of your pick up truck, as it could easily fall off or jump off or get hit by flying debris. Never put your pet in the trunk or storage area.

If your traveling by plane, make sure to bring certifications, as these are required by almost all airlines. Also, airlines check your pet in all cases for medical reasons. And remember that some countries require a quarantine period for animals at the expense of the owner, so it is important to inquire about this ahead of time.

Consult with your vet

Before you begin your journey, have your pet check by his/her veterinarian. Ask about any and all details about every possible case. Don’t forget to ask if there are any rampant animal diseases where you are moving. And most importantly, ask your vet if he/she can recommend a specialist in your new place.


If your are traveling by car, just make sure you have all the necessary materials you’ll need like feeding dishes and enough food for the trip. If you are traveling by place, leave feeding instructions for at least 24 hours to the kennel (in case there of a diversion from the original destination).

Walk your pet before your trip

Make sure you take your pet (particularly if you have a dog or a cat) out for a long walk before your trip (so you pet can have a good exercise before she is put in a case, or even unload before your trip).