dog sheddingWe love our pets but not their filth. Yet again, taking care of what they naturally take out is something that we just have to do. It is one of the responsibilities of loving them. Hair shedding is one of the biggest problems of pet owners. It is already not lovely seeing dog hairs all over our sheets, closet, clothes, bed, sofa… every where. We cannot stop dog shedding nevertheless there are effective ways in minimizing it.

Feed the Good

What you feed your dog reflects on their coat. Give your pet good food especially the ones rich in protein.

Give Fatty Acid Supplement

Fatty Acid Supplements help prevent dog coating from breaking or being damage as it keeps it healthy. Healthy coating means less shedding.

Constant Checkup

You may not know but one of the reasons why your dog shed a lot of hair is because it might be really sick. Visit your dog’s veterinarian for possible health failure so to have it cured.

Bathe your Dog

Just like us dog need a bath. On the other hand, our dog may not need as much bath as we take but mind to give it a bath at least 2 times a week and more often during summer.

Brush your Pet

Brushing takes away dog hairs that might fall somewhere in your house later on. In that way, you will help make your home dog hair free. Aside from this brushing will make your pet’s hair softer and cleaner.

Use the Proper Brush

There are many types of brush all designed for a specific kind of pet coating. Be sure to use the proper type of brush for your dog. It is through this way evading dog shedding become effective.