dog carrierWhat most people think with the idea of traveling with their pet is that it is easy. Yet again, such blitheness is only in the front of a difficult scenario for a person who does not have any idea about the responsibility that they will face when bringing their little darling animal with them. Keep in mind the following details so to make your traveling with your pet smooth sailing.


One must book their flight at least 3 months ahead when she plans of going out with her pet. This is because there is a limit of number of pets that an airline can accommodate. Mind that your pet must also fit into a carrier no larger than 23" long by 13" wide and or 13" wide by 9" high with a ventilation on two sides.

Pay the Veterinarian a Visit

Make sure that your pet is of good health before flying through visiting its veterinarian. Your vet can also give you medicines to use when your dog is not feeling well or tips regarding the possible sickness that it may encounter and how to prevent it. Medical Certificate by the way is imperative for a pet owner traveler just in case officers from the airport will ask for it for age and health verification.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

It is advice to have you and your pet booked into a place wherein it is pet friendly at least 1 to 3 months in advance. Some hotels, motels or rather apartments do not allow pets inside. Hence, make sure that there will be a place for you and your pet to stay before leaving the country.

Going through the Security

It would be hard for you to go through the security take your socks off, your bag, your jacket, shoes and all when you are bringing your pet. People waiting in line would be an addition for the pressure that you are having. The said scenario would be more pressuring for your pet especially when it is feeling your anxiety. To get through this situation with your pet, be calm and take your time as much as possible when passing through the guards no matter how bored people behind you look like.