dog leashChoosing the perfect leash for your dog can take some work. Although for some people, using any dog leash they can find would be good enough, there are various dog leash choices out there that are actually designed for different types of dogs. Dog breeds of different kinds would require different types of dog leashes not only to make them comfortable but also to be more convenient for the dog owner.

The Right Length

Dog leashes come in a variety of sizes and styles that can be ideal for different breeds of dogs. There are certain factors that dog owners should consider before choosing one. Deciding on the length of the dog leash is just one of them. The right length would enable your dog to go around when out strolling with you without having to stray too far away. Too long a dog leash and you will find yourself caught up when your bubbly dog starts to go around too fast. Too short and you can find yourself stooping just by walking your dog. The right length allow the pet owner with the right amount of control over a pet.

The Right Type

There are now a number of dog leash types that pet owners may find at the pet store. Choosing one would depend not only on how it would fit right into a pet dog, but also on how it can help make the pet owner’s job of taking out the dog for a stroll any easier. Here are some dog leash types that just might be considered for your type of pet dog.

Nylon Dog Leash

The most common dog leashes that pet owners would be the ones made out of nylon. What makes nylon dog leashes an attractive choice is that they are durable and can provide excellent control of pet dogs. They are also cheaper than other types and comes in a standard length of six feet.

Retractable Leash

A retractable leash is one type that consists of a reel where the length of the dog leach is rolled inside. This dog leash also has a longer leash length that will allow your pet dog to have a bit more room to roam around. But you can still have control over the length that you put out since the retractable leach usually has a thumb brake feature can limit the leash to the ideal length that you deem fit.

Combo Harness-Leash

The combo harness leash can be something that you might consider if you have a too small or too big a dog. Having a small dog may not work well using a standard dog leash since it would be easy for them to slip off the collar due to their tiny size. A dog leash with a harness or even a halter that fits right into your pet dog’s body would solve this problem easily. The same thing goes for bigger and larger dogs which may be more difficult to control. Putting a harness over them will help give you more control and handle bigger dogs more easily than fitting them with a dog leash collar alone.