cat depressionCats, like us humans, are sensitive too. In fact, they are even more sensitive, owing to the fact that hey have a more complex nervous system. Imagine if you were a cat, you’d be even more of a wreck when you have problems.

Cats can bite, scratch, get restless and become aloof when depressed. So the next time, your cat is acts out, do not scold him/her and think "now me and my pet both need therapy". Be a nice and understanding pet owner. And yes, you can do something, other than taking your pet to the therapist.

What triggers your cat’s deppression?

Some experts believe that a cat’s depression are triggered by what’s going on in his/her family.

Family feud. Your cat knows when there is tension around him/her. He/She knows if there is tension between or among family members. If there is fighting and commotion, your cat will be stressed. And because he/she loves his/her family members, he/she would not know to be loyal to.

What’s that noise? Thunder, firecrackers, dogs barking are some of the most common sources of anxiety in cats.

Unfamiliar Company. We all smel differently. Especially to cats because of their more complicated nervous system. When you have visitors, your cat knows it’s a different smell. Especially if your visitors have pets (especially cats), your cat would sense that, and be on alert.

Cry baby. Cats are stressed and worried when a newborn baby cries. They worry that the baby will not be taken care of properly. Because of this they can get really neurotic.

A new pet in the family. Cats can get really anxious when there’s a new pet around. Especially a new pet cat. When that new cat makes noises (perhaps due to being in a new palce), your older cat will get anxious and pace and growl at your new pet cat.

Smart kitty. Cats are extremely intelligent animals and with intelligence comes a tendency to boredom . And when they get bored simply because they’ve got nothing new to do, they can get real mean. They’ll pick fights with the other pets or bite and scratch their owners just to get attention or to liven things up. At times like these, consider buying Mr. Furry a new toy to play with.

Lonely kitty. Cats can get really lonely, sleeping for hours away from everybody. But when your cat is feeling social, be exuberant with cuddles and signs of affection.

Sensitive kitty. Your cat can get his/her feeling easily hurt. Cat’s are natural hunters. So next time he/she presents you with a freshly-killed mouse, do not scold him/her for bringing you a present! Instead, try making a loude noise or maybe a spray of water (to make it appear as a logical consequebce and one that doesn’t come from you) to let him/her know that he/she should not do it again.

Separation anxiety. Sometimes, your favorite furball does not want to be left behind. Sometimes, kitty doesn’t want to be separated from his/her owner. In cases like this, when you have to go and can’t take your pet with you for various reasons, consider leaving him/her with a friend or relative he/she is familiar with, or a call a pet sitter. Remember to make time for your pet to get to know the new place and/or people he/she will be spending time with.

Now that you know what triggers your pet cat’s depression, do not immediately go to Cat & Owner Counseling. Instead, shower him/her with lots of praise, attention and affection. Sure, the aloof act can be deceiving, but deep inside, your pet cat just wants to be cuddled.