DachshundThe Dachshund is a short-legged and elongated dog breed that is related to the hound. Also popularly known as a wiener dog due to its elongated but small body, the dachshund is also known literally in German as the badger dog. This breed was initially developed to look, chase and flush badgers out of their burrows. Its smaller version later on was used to hunt out rabbits. The dachshund is considered as one of the top ten most loved of dog breeds in the world.

Breed Origins

Most dog experts believe that the early roots of the dachshunds came from dog breeds in ancient Egypt. This is evidenced by various engravings discovered in Egypt that featured hunting dogs with short legs as well as mummified remains of dachshund-like dogs in many ancient Egyptian burial urns

The modern version of the dachshund has been the product of European breeders who combined the characteristics and traits of English, French and German hounds and terriers. The first verifiable reference to the dachshund can be found in books written in the 1700’s which originally refer to it as the "Dachs Kreicher" or "badger crawler" and the "Dachs Kreiger" or the "badger warrior". This early versions of the dachshund were relatively bigger and larger than current breeds, weighing an average of 30 to 40 lbs.

Appearance and Size

The normal build of dachshunds is characterized by an elongated body but with well developed muscles. They also have distinctively short legs that keeps them fairly low on the ground. The weight of this dog breed usually ranges between eight to eleven pounds, which considers them to belong into the miniature dog breed category. There are also standard dog breeds of dachshunds that can weigh up to 30 lbs.

The coat of the dachshund can be smooth, long-haired or wire-haired. Coat color can be a choice between one-colored or two-colored breeds. There are also dachshunds that are dappled, with light areas on a darker base color.


Dachshunds are generally playful and fun loving dogs. They are known for their habit of trying to chase small animals, birds and even tennis balls. Most dachshunds are also strong-willed and sometimes stubborn, making it a bit of a challenge of training them. Despite of this, dachshunds are also considered as intelligent.

Home and Relations

Dachshunds always yearn for companionship. This dog breed is particularly known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners. They can also be aloof and unfriendly with strangers. Also known for their loud bark, dachshunds make good watchdogs aside from loyal and devoted companions in the home. They are highly protective and are also prone to feel anxiety when separated from their owners for long periods of time.