poodleThe poodle is a popular dog breed which is also commonly used as a symbol of elegance and luxury. Well-kept and cared for poodles are a favorite pet among the wealthy lot. Poodles also make excellent show dogs and their air of elegance usually gets them top honors in dog shows.

Breed Origin

Origins of the breed date back to as early as the 13th Century. Although the exact country of origin for the poodle is not known, the modern breed has long been associated with France. But many people believe that the breed may have its ancestors traced back to Germany where similar breeds were believed to be initially bred as a water retriever. Its long association with France came a bit later, where it became quite popular and even is considered as the country’s national dog.

Appearance and Size

Poodle breeds may come in different sizes but their shape and appearance remain the same. A typical poodle has a long head and muzzle with long, flat and hanging ears. They have an elegant built and usually with a square silhouette. Poodles in the miniature category may stand from 11 to 15 inches high from the shoulders and weigh from 15 to 17 pounds. Standard sized poodle breeds can stand more than 15 inches in height from the shoulders and weigh as much as 45 to 70 pounds.

Most poodle breeds are long-legged dogs. They usually have dense and curly hair that seldom sheds and grows all year round. Tails of poodles are usually cropped, although current owners and breeders leave them longer than usual. These characteristics make poodles attractive pets when properly groomed and cared for, making them a favorite breed in many dog shows.


Poodles are highly sociable and intelligent creatures. They love being in constant company. What makes them quite a joy among owners is that they prefer being with people rather than other dogs. And because of their sociable and friendly nature, they hate being alone and may suffer from behavioral problems when left by their lonesome for long periods of time. Their eager to please and protective attitudes also make them good watchdogs.

Home and Relations

Poodles are also energetic and alert. They also respond well to training and can learn easily if taught. They tend to be branded as a family pet rather than a one-person dog. They do well as pets around children. They have a playful personality but do not tend to be overly aggressive that can make such breeds safe enough for kids to have around. They appreciate being out in the open and always look forward to playing and going out for walks with their owners.