Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed that belongs to the terrier category. Also commonly known as Yorkies, this dog breed is known for their long and flowing coat of hair as well as for their very playful demeanor. The Yorkshire Terrier is also considered as one of the top dog breeds in the world.

Breed Origins

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in Yorkshire, which is a rugged region in Northern England. Yorkies were initially bred to chase and get rid of rats around the house. Initially, early workmen looking for jobs in Yorkshire brought with them certain breeds of small dogs that was later bred to catch rats that infested the mine shafts as well as hunt small burrowing rodents in the fields. The actual ancestry of Yorkies remain unclear since breeding during the early to mid-19th Century lacked of keeping records of the breed’s early bloodlines.  

Appearance and Size

The Yorkshire Terrier is known for its long and flowing mane that extends even to as part of its facial features. Aside from that, this dog breed is characterized by its compact and athletic build that is typical of its active and playful personality. A typical Yorkshire Terrier usually stands eight inches high from the shoulder and weighs from three to seven pounds. Other noticeable features of the breed include its usually erect ears with its tail usually docked. Yorkshire Terriers usually stand erect and proud. Due to its small stature, this dog breed is placed among the toy or miniature dog categories.


Yorkshire Terriers are usually oblivious of their small size. It is a highly energetic and a pretty mischievous dog that always looks for adventure. This playful and adventurous demeanor usually leads this small but tough dog into a lot of trouble. They can also show signs of aggressiveness towards other small animals and birds. Although personality may depend on individual dogs, Yorkies are generally thought of as intelligent, outgoing and sociable.

Home and Relations

Yorkies are very protective of their territory and would usually bark at people, especially the ones that they don’t recognize, when invaded. They also have a sharp bark that they use at strangers, making them pretty effective as watchdogs. Yorkies can also be pretty demanding when it comes to attention. They usually love attention and would get pretty sensitive and show it if owners fail to do so.

Their aggressiveness and energetic ways also make them more suitable for older kids despite their being in a toy dog breed category. But they can also be very loyal to their owners. Although they long for attention, they are also quite independent and may be comfortable staying by their owner’s side without being cuddled too often. Sometimes they also prefer to be left alone especially when taking their rest.