dog bathLike humans, your pet dog should be bathed for a cleaner coat and to eliminate that doggy odor. However, unlike humans, dogs should be bathed when they are really dirty because overbathing removes their coat’s natural oils and would dry out its hairs. If you are taking your dog to bath for the first time, here are what you should do.

Choose a place for your dog to bathe – Puppies and small dogs can be bathed in the sink or a washtub, while bigger dogs would need a bathtub. Place a rubber mat in the tub or sink to help your dog feel secure. You could also bathe them on your backyard using a garden hose.

Prepare your items for dog bathing – It is better to use dog shampoo rather than ordinary shampoo or soap to avoid their coats from drying out or shedding too much. You also need a brush or comb that only your pet would use, as well as several towels.

Bathe your pet dog – Wet your dog’s coat, then rub in the dog shampoo into a lather. Keep the suds away from the eyes. If you are using an anti-flea shampoo, make sure to work the lather into the dogs skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, avoiding putting water in your dog’s ears.

Dry your pet dog – Towel dry your dog while in the tub, then let it shake its coat to dry further. You may want to use a blowdryer during winter months, making sure to keep it far enough to avoid burning your dog’s coat. Keep your dog indoors during cold months so it doesn’t get chilled.