BulldogThe Bulldog is a medium size dog breed that is also considered as one of the popular breeds in the world today. Also known as the British or the English Bulldog referring to their origin, this dog breed is known for its ferocious appearance yet relatively docile and gentle attitude. The bulldog was initially bred for the sport of bull baiting, an ancient sport where dogs are used to try and overpower a bigger bait, usually bulls. It was through this violent sport that bulldogs got their name.

Breed Origin

Bulldogs were first bred in England as a cross between a pug and a mastiff. The term for the breed was first used some time in 1568. It was around the 1600’s that bulldogs were popularly used for the sport of bull baiting.

Appearance and Size

The Bulldog has a face that people can easily recognize. It is known for its permanent frown that has become the breed’s trademark. The bulldog’s appearance was specifically bred early on for its skill in bull baiting. Its stocky build and broad chest gave it the strength to overpower bulls. Its short muzzle and jaw structure were essential to allow it to develop viselike grip on its prey. Its nose placed far back on its face allow it to breathe while holding its prey. Although no longer bred for such a violent sport, bulldogs still reflect the same features and facial qualities inherent to its early ancestors.

Bulldogs are also known for their unusual gait. Their legs are short and they are mostly bowlegged, which might explain its unusual movement. The average bulldog stands at around 12 to 16 inches high from the shoulder and weigh from 50 to 60 pounds.


Contrary to how ferocious bulldogs may look, they are generally gentle and docile creatures. Bulldogs today are even considered as very friendly. The aggressiveness of early breeds have been successfully eliminated through years of careful breeding. Bulldogs can also be stubborn and tend not to follow instructions that easy.

Home and Relations

Bulldogs are quite devoted to their owners. They also enjoy the company of close family members. The bond can be so close that bulldogs would not venture outside of the home without a human companion along. Bulldogs are naturally good natured and are relatively safe as pets for children. They are also capable of protecting the home, alerting family of strangers by barking and growling but tend not to attack.