chihuahuaThe Chihuahua is considered as the smallest breed of dogs in the world. It was first discovered in a State in Mexico that bears its name sometime in 1850. In the past, the Chihuahua is treated as a sacred breed and is even believed to help one’s passage into the afterlife. Today, they are considered as among the popular dog breeds among avid dog lovers.

Breed Origins

The exact origins of the chihuahuas is unknown and is fairly difficult to trace. But it is believed that this dog breed came from Pre-Columbian Mexico and may have descended from the dog breeds that were favored by the Toltecs that were highly regarded in its ancient society. This dog breeds were larger it terms of size than the modern chihuahua but exhibited similar features. The modern version of the chihuahua was discovered in the ancient Mexican ruins in Chihuahua in 1850 , hence its name. And since then, chihuahuas has become quite a popular dog breed and was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904.

Appearance and Size

The Chihuahua is recognizable enough for its rounded and apple-shaped head with pointed ears. Chihuahuas can either have a short and smooth coat of hair or a long and soft one. Being the smallest of dog breeds, chihuahuas have small but compact and stout build. They stand between 6 to 9 inches in height from the shoulders and average between 2 to 12 pounds in weight. For show dogs, weight is given more importance than the dog’s height. Breeding chihuahuas in any color is possible with the black and tan variety usually the common ones.


The chihuahua is a highly energetic and active dog for its size. It can be a bit ferocious at times and also has a bit of a personality. It does not like to socialize with other dog breeds although it enjoys the company of other chihuahuas. The tiny chihuahua also seems oblivious to its tiny size and is even known to fearlessly confront larger animals. This attitude tend to put the little dog in harms way and may need to be looked after by pet owners.

Home and Relations

With its ferocious attitude, chihuahuas are not ideal as pets for small children although it may seem nice for some parents to do so because of its tiny size. Chihuahuas have a tendency to bite when frightened or surprised. They are also known to show its devotion to one person.

It can be quite possessive and can get quite jealous if its owner tend to show more attention to other dogs other than itself and even to other humans. On a better note, chihuahuas are easily adaptable to different environments and may do well living either in a large home or a small apartment. Their social skills can also be developed through training and socialization.