RottweilerThe Rottweiler is a large dog breed that has its origins in Germany. It was initially bred as a herding dog. The dog is known for its natural protective instincts and has since become quite effective having the role of a guard dog. Although frequently mistaken as a ferocious dog due to improper training that makes them aggressive, Rottweilers can also become quite excellent companions if given the proper care and training.

Breed Origins

Rottweilers are known to be an ancient breed, with early descendants traced to dog breeds during the Roman times. Early Rottweiler ancestors were primarily used by the Romans as working and herding dogs. The Roman army usually brings them along on their travels and campaigns. These dogs eventually found themselves in a small German market town of Rottweil, which eventually became an important cattle area. The dogs then proved their worth as excellent herders as well as guard dogs in the area protecting cattle from robbers as well as other wild animals.

Appearance and Size

Rottweilers are known generally for its all-black appearance save for the clearly tan and mahogany marking accents on its cheeks, muzzle, legs and chest. They usually have a medium length coat composed of a waterproof undercoat and a coarse top coat. Considered as a medium-sized dog, Rottweilers stand between 24 to 27 inches in height on average. They can weigh from 95 to 110 pounds, with the female usually smaller than the male. Rottweilers possess great strength as evidenced by their broad and deep chest.


Despite its massive and imposing appearance, Rottweilers are generally quiet and well behaved. But because of their natural guarding instincts, some owners tend to train them to become ferocious beasts, which have led other people to think that Rottweilers are prone to be violent and aggressive. But given the proper training and provided with a good social environment, Rottweilers can become quite good companions. Rottweilers are also social creatures and tend to enjoy having company instead of being left alone.

Home and Relations

The natural guarding instincts of Rottweilers make them excellent guard dogs. They are also highly protective and devoted to their owners and are known to look after them quite seriously. Rottweilers are not fond of strangers and are usually met with some aggressive response. Although Rottweilers are also fond of kids, they do not seem to be well suited for a home with small children due to their size and strength. Although Rottweilers are sociable, they prefer to be the only dog in the home.