May 30th, 2008Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Friendly Hotels
A pet friendly hotel always come in handy for pet owners and it is the ones that are often fully booked. That is simply why it is advised for the pet lovers to make a reservation at least three months before the planned stay on that hotel. Nonetheless, minding about the reservation does not end your duty in giving your pet the bliss in traveling. Mind that the rules and regulations for pets just like in an airline

May 30th, 2008Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel
The cocker spaniel is actually a common name for two distinct versions of the dog breed. There is the English cocker spaniel and the American cocker spaniel. Each version are known more commonly as just cocker spaniel in their home countries. Breed Origins Cocker spaniels come from a large family of dogs called the spaniels which existed for almost 500 years. Spaniels were larger and bigger than the modern cocker

May 30th, 2008Bulldog

The Bulldog is a medium size dog breed that is also considered as one of the popular breeds in the world today. Also known as the British or the English Bulldog referring to their origin, this dog breed is known for its ferocious appearance yet relatively docile and gentle attitude. The bulldog was initially bred for the sport of bull baiting, an ancient sport where dogs are used to try and overpower a bigger bait,

May 30th, 2008Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a large dog breed that has its origins in Germany. It was initially bred as a herding dog. The dog is known for its natural protective instincts and has since become quite effective having the role of a guard dog. Although frequently mistaken as a ferocious dog due to improper training that makes them aggressive, Rottweilers can also become quite excellent companions if given the proper care and t
As of this moment, there are still no standards created for organic pet food. However, experts are continuously convening on this subject so that there will finaly be a standard in place for the Organic pet food industry to use as guidelines. Meanwhile, human standards apply, including labeling of pet food products. However, following the standards is not mandatory, so be wary and know the standards. Note that the
Cat Can Experience Depression
Cats, like us humans, are sensitive too. In fact, they are even more sensitive, owing to the fact that hey have a more complex nervous system. Imagine if you were a cat, you’d be even more of a wreck when you have problems. Cats can bite, scratch, get restless and become aloof when depressed. So the next time, your cat is acts out, do not scold him/her and think "now me and my pet both need therapy"

May 29th, 2008Dachshund

The Dachshund is a short-legged and elongated dog breed that is related to the hound. Also popularly known as a wiener dog due to its elongated but small body, the dachshund is also known literally in German as the badger dog. This breed was initially developed to look, chase and flush badgers out of their burrows. Its smaller version later on was used to hunt out rabbits. The dachshund is considered as one of the

May 29th, 2008Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed that belongs to the terrier category. Also commonly known as Yorkies, this dog breed is known for their long and flowing coat of hair as well as for their very playful demeanor. The Yorkshire Terrier is also considered as one of the top dog breeds in the world. Breed Origins The Yorkshire Terrier originated in Yorkshire, which is a rugged region in Northern England. Yor

May 29th, 2008German Shepherd

German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is considered as one of the most popular and well-loved of dog breeds all over the world. Although initially bred in order to aid in herding sheep in farms, German Shepherds have since gained quite a reputation for being able to do quite a number of tasks. They can be trained as guide dogs for the blind and the disabled. Highly trained German Shepherds are also widely known for assisting law enf

May 29th, 2008Beagle

The Beagle belongs to the hound dog breed. It is a medium sized dog that have a similar appearance to a foxhound but relatively smaller. Beagles are known as scent hounds bred initially to track down rabbits, hare and other game with their keen sense of smell. And for this trait, beagles are also trained as detection dogs by law enforcers. Breed Origin Beagles have a limited recorded history although it is known t