cat body languageCats communicate by a number of ways. Although perceived as secretive and mysterious pets for some reason, cats do try to communicate to other cats but also to people. They do it through body language, actions as well as through sounds. Pet owners should know how to look at these different signs in order to better understand their own pet cats.

Body Language

Cats also communicate using body language. But they way they use it can be pretty complex. Most cats may seem unsociable towards people as well as other cats, the reason being that cats evolved not as closely formed packs, but more of solitary hunters. This led cats to develop better body language communication with other cats as compared to other pack animals.

The most noticeable aspects of body language that cats use for communication would be on the more common situations it has experienced- showing affection when looking for a partner in courtship, in protecting territory, or when protecting their young.

Feline Acts

Not only that, there are also certain actions that cat’s do to bring up a point. Such actions actually have been misinterpreted by most pet lovers. Some of them might even be a source of frustration among some pet lovers.

One of the most common actions that owners see in their cats is scratching. Most pet owners tend to believe that it is the cats way of trying to sharpen up its claws. But cat scratching the furniture is more than that. It is a means of trying to mark a territory. The marks are a visual means for cats to determine territory. Not only are the marks visual cues, cats also have it scented with their paws having scent glands in order to make this function possible.

But there is another adorable means of marking that cats do, and that is to "mark" the people they are familiar with. A pet cat may rub up against objects as well as on people’s legs. This is quite an amusing way for cats to mark familiar people to distinguish strangers from friends.

What this rubbing up does is transfer subtle biological scents onto objects that cats find as part of its territory or objects of its affection. But how the cat does this will also tell of the cat’s purpose for marking. A cat rubbing upon the leg using the cheeks or with the forehead indicates affection while using merely the chin indicates mere territorial marking.

Cat Sounds

Cats also have a way of vocalizing what they want to put across. There are various sounds that cats make to let other people as well as cats know what they are saying. A cat’s meow can mean a lot of things. As simple as it is, a cat’s meow can actually say things differently by how it is being delivered.

A meow can mean a cry for attention or it can also be a sign of protest. A mother cat can use it to cal out to its young or a male to indicate a courting call. Experience with cat may be able to teach pet lovers on how to distinguish which cat sounds mean.