A number of pet lovers are constantly having problems with regard to transporting their pets from one place to another. For whatsoever reason that you need to ship your pet whether you are traveling with it within and out of the country or you just bought a new pet do mind the several pet reminders when transferring it through plane.

Requirements for Shipping

Make sure to make arrangements for your pet several weeks or rather months before the actual shipping. Most airlines today only accept a certain number of pets on the flight so it is better to have reservations in advance.

Requirements for shipping vary with the airline you making your pet board. Nonetheless, the following are the commonly applied requirements for pets being shipped. Only mind still however to not forget to check with your airline the rules and regulations being implemented.

  • The animal must at least by of eight (8) weeks old before boarding the plane.
  • Secure Health Certificate from your Veterinarian (certificate must be not more than ten days old).
  • The rabies shots must be current when the animal is more than 16 weeks old.
  • The temperature must be less than forty-five (45) degrees Fahrenheit (unless otherwise stated by the veterinarian).
  • Animals may not be brought on the plane wherein its travel hours will last for more than four (4) hours. Be mindful that most airlines does not ship animals with flights over twelve (12) hours. Hence, it is best to check the length of the travel time that your pet will be boarding.
  • Less than 16 weeks old animals must be offered water and food when the travel time is more than 12 hours. 16 weeks old or more must be offered food at least every 24 hours and water within 12 hours.
  • The cage or kennel of your pet must meet the standards regarding size, design, strength and ventilation. Make sure that there’s sufficient space for your pet to stand and turn around while on flight.
  • The cage or kennel must include the shipper’s name, address, contact number, the name of the person to claim it (in case it is not the owner that will take care of it after landing on its destination), live animal stickers (stating the time it was last watered and fed) and more importantly include absorbent material at the bottom of the crate of the kennel.

Other Points to Consider

  • Be mindful of the quarantine laws per international shipping.
  • The present usual fees for pets range from $50 to $100 (one way).
  • Refrain from giving your pet solid food six (6) hours prior to the scheduled flight.
  • Never give sedation to your pet without its veterinarian’s approval.
  • It is best to schedule a non-stop flight for your pet. Traveling through plane is at times pressuring for your animal friend.
  • Make sure to notify the pilot and the flight attendant of the plane that you have an animal with you on board.
  • Have your animal friend’s toy or favorite blanket handy in case the situation needs it