Beauceron dogThe Beauceron is a fairly uncommon dog breed but has quite a popular following among avid canine lovers. It is a herding dog breed that came from France, where it is known as La Beauce. This dog breed is also known as Bas Rouge, Berger de Beauce by the French as well as the French shorthaired Shepherd.

Dogs were bred and selected for their aptitude to herd and guard large flocks of sheep as well as for their structure and endurance. Beaucerons were used to move herds of 200 to 300 head traveling up to 50 miles per day without showing signs of exhaustion. 

Appearance and Size

The Beauceron is a large and muscular dog. This breed usually stands from 24 to 28 inches tall from the shoulders and can weight from 66 to 85 pounds. The Beauceron has a powerful and sturdy build with a long head, large, oval shaped eyes and a black nose.

The coat of the Beauceron is usually straight and short. They have thick undercoats which help them cope up with different weather conditions. Standard colors for this breed is black and tan and well as black, tan and gray.


The muscular build of the Beauceron may sometimes make it look quite aggressive to some people. For this reason alone, it can already stand as a good guard dog. But despite its large and powerful appearance, the Beauceron is actually a gentle and friendly dog breed. They are also very calm and has strong herding instincts that they have inherited from past ancestors. This instinct help them become protective especially towards its family circle. It is also wary of intruders or strangers and may not think twice of making it known. That is why it is popular in France as a protection dog.

Home and Family Relations

The Beauceron, with its gentle and friendly air, can also become good house pets with children. But with their size to consider, they might not be ideal with small kids around. Although calm enough and gentle among children, the Beauceron is more suitable in a household with older children, most especially if the dog grew along with them. It can also be a very loyal dog and will protect what it considers as its family.

The Beauceron is also an energetic dog and can be found in a playful mood at times. It might require lots of regular exercise to allow it to expend those excess energy. A more suitable environment for the dog would be a home with a large fenced yard where the dog may be able to roam around and remain active. It might also be ideal living in apartments provided that the owner takes the dog to frequent walks several times daily.

Breed Origin

The origins of the Beauceron can be traced in France where it was first bred as a herding dog. It has a long history of guarding and herding sheep on the French countryside. During the mid 1800’s, there were two types of herding dogs coming from similar breeding stock that were primarily used in France for herding and guarding. The long haired breed became the Briard while the short haired breed became the Beauceron.