Boston terrierBreed Origin

This breed of dog originated in the United States of America around 1870. It started when a man named Robert C. Hooper from Boston bought a dog called Hooper’s Judge that is from the lineage of Bull and Terrier. It was said that the said dog is the outcome of the crossbreeding of an English Bulldog and a White English Terrier. Hooper Judge later on had an offspring from a French Bulldog and from there the breed Boston Terrier was introduced.

It was in the year 1870 that this breed was first showcased and by 1893 the American Kennel Club or AKC gave the said breed the membership status. This breed of dog is also the first United States breed recognized by the said organization.

Appearance and Size

The Boston Terrier is compact at well muscled. This dog’s limbs are muscular and straight. It stands 15 to 17 inches and weighs 10 to 25 pounds. It has short, brilliant and fine texture of coating. The color of its coating varies from black and white, brown and white and lastly, brindle and white. Its head is also wide muzzle and short. This breed has an even bite with a short and regular teeth. Its eyes are set far apart and very much round. Its ears on the other hand is small and erect and its tail is also short, fine, set low and tampering.

Home and Relations, Personality and Special Characteristics

This type of dog is generally rambunctious, friendly and hyper. It is very strong and lovable. Being originally bred for fighting purposes this dog has a loud temper hence it needs a very assertive and patient owner. Nonetheless, the Boston Terrier is a very well-mannered, gentle, alert and expressive animal.

Boston Terrier is a dog that is good as a companion. It enjoys being around with people and it can get along well not only with humans but also the canine and non canine pets.


It is better to train dogs at its earliest age. It is on this point that they develop habits and traits as it adjust to the environment of your home. For best and fast results of transforming your Boston Terrier into a well mannered, obedient dog that you want it to be. Owners may enroll its dog to a training center or rather give them a house training by themselves with the aid of a training book or the help of a professional.

Special Care

The most common health issues with regard to the Boston Terrier both young and old is the having of heart murmur, deafness, allergies, luxating patellas and cherry eye. This dog due to its tiny nostrils, narrow trachea and long palates is also prone to having revers sneeze and snoring. Most of the Boston Terriers are having a hard time in tolerating extreme heat and cold weather because of its short muzzle.

Mind that this type of dog can only live from the average of 13 years up to 15 years and more. This dog demands constant and proper exercise and healthy diet.