Brittany dogThe Brittany is a dog breed that was first used for bird hunting. It is considered as the smallest of the French spaniels, although the breed’s characteristics and traits closely links it to a pointer or a setter. It is now considered as a good pet to have around children.

Breed Origins

The Brittany was a breed that was developed in the Brittany province in France sometime in the 1800’s. They have been bred for over 400 years and were already quite popular even then. Initially a hunting dog, the Brittany was later on bred with English pointing dogs which helped improve its pointing abilities.

Appearance and Size

Brittanys are considered as a small to medium sized dog. It stands from 17 to 20 inches tall by the shoulders and weighs from 25 to 30 pounds. The dog has a squarish profile when viewed from the side. They also have a compact and solidly built body, making them quite agile and athletic without being too heavy.

Brittanys have rounded heads with noses that may either be brown or having a shade of pink. They also have round, dark eyes that is set high on the head to give them an expressive look. This dog breed also has short, rounded feathered ears. Typical coats for Brittanys are of medium length but thick and wavy. The coat color may come in white and liver, white and orange, black and white or in tri-colors.


The Brittany is considered as a highly energetic dog. It likes to play often and may be found running out and about most of the time. They are very obedient dogs that can be trained easily. This breed also likes to please but may also be of the sensitive kind. A stern look from its owner would usually be enough to keep it behaved.

Family and Home Relations

The Brittany is a friendly and sweet-natured dog. They love to be around children and are calm enough to put up with a child’s rough antics. They are quite safe as pets for households with small children. They also get along quite well with other household pets.

On the negative side, Brittanys do not do well as guard dogs. Their friendly nature work against them when it comes to dealing with strangers. They tend to accept stranger and treat them just like anyone else, making them poor watchdogs in the home.