Chartreux catBreed Origin

The cat breed Chartreux is originally from France. Legend has it that this cat is from the cat brought to France by Charthusian monks to live with them in the monastery of the Grand Chartreuse that can be found in the Chartreuse Mountain at the northern parts of the Grenoble City.

On the other hand the said monastery denies any records or archives regarding the monks be accessed which is pertaining to the information on whether the monks then use to breed cat with a Chartreux resemblance. It was also said that this cat’s ancestor are the feral mountain cat from Syria that was brought back to France by the Crusaders whom later on entered the Carthusian Monastic Order in 13 Century.


This cat has been known in France as the "smiling cat." The head structure of this cat is long and tapered muzzle wherein it gives the animal the look sas if it is constantly smiling. Chartreux cats are very muscular and large. It has short yet fine-boned limbs, big paws and very fast reflexes. Its eye color varies from blue to copper and it has a short water resistant double coat.


Chartreux has a short haired coating of solid blue color.


This type of cat very seldom makes any noise. It prefers being silent than that of crying or mewing. It is very intelligent and observing. Although Chartreux cats are very playful especially the ones on their adult years it is still very loving, affectionate and non-aggressive which makes it a very good companion for children and travelers.


Chartreux cat demands more grooming compare to other short haired cat breeds. It is for the reason that this cat has a dense coat that stand away from the body. Give your cat a good combing once or twice a week by using a steel comb.

At least twice a month of bathing will be good for this animal but mind that bathing time will be really challenging not only because it is a cat and cats dislike water but it is because of its thick, woolly coat that repels water. Shedding day occurs every fall and spring so it is advised to have its hair be combed regularly.