persian catArthritis is one of the most uncomfortable diseases humans could experience. However, this ailment is not exclusive to us, as this progressive disease could also affect your dear animals especially on dogs and cats. Most cases of cat arthritis affect older felines, but can develop at any age. Just like any other case of arthritis, once it starts it does not stop.

Types of Cat Arthritis

Although cats do not seem to develop arthritis as commonly as dogs or humans, fanciers face concern when their dear felines get affected with arthritis. Here are the difference types of arthritis that cats usually experience.

Traumatic arthritis – Commonly known as "sprain," it is caused by a sudden injury to a joint such as impact with a moving vehicle, involvement in a cat fight, or an awkward fall or landing.

Osteoarthritis – Also known as "degenerative arthritis," it is a chronic disease of aging that happens after constant wear and tear on a joint, which slowly destroys the thin layer of protective cartilage that protects the joint surface. This is usually noticeable on the elbows and shoulders.

Checking if Your Cat has Developed Arthritis

More often than not, Feline arthritis is detected when the cat begins to show obvious signs. This includes stiffness or limping on an affected joint, resentment of the joint being handled, lameness, reluctance to move (especially in damp or cold weather). Joint pains caused by arthritis can make your cat reluctant to move and may even cause irritability.

What to Do About Feline Arthritis

As a cat owner, there is no way to prevent age-related arthritis changes in cats nor to predict which of your cats would experience problems later on. What you can do is the detect signs of arthritis on your cat and have it treated as early as possible.

Some of the home remedies that you can do in dealing with cat arthritis is to apply warm compresses and massages to affected joints, as well as keeping the cat’s weight down. Do not forget to visit your cat’s veterinarian for treatment of any suspected joint or bone injury.