Cornish Rex catBreed Origin

Cornish Rex is yet another type of cat breed from United Kingdom. It was said to be a genetic mutation from a litter of young cat born in the 1950s in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Unlike the Devon Rex cats the Cornish Rex has shortened guard hairs.


The softest among any cat breed is the Cornish Rex. It has a very light coat suitable for living indoors and warm weather. It has a sleek look with it and its color variety are rather solids such as white, blue, chocolate and if not bi color, smoke colors and tiger-stripped red tabbies.


The Cornish Rex are very playful. They love to do acrobatic jumps, race with other animals, play fetch with their masters and so much more. It is also said to be very adventurous, intelligent and mischievous for most people. This cat is very much suitable as a companion for shy and timid children as it can definitely make him or her perk up.


Despite the fact that this kind of cat has short hair and coating it does mean that it is already hypoallergenic. The truth is it is really not the hair of the cat that triggers animal reaction but by the glyco-protein. Although this type of cat has a short hair it still needs regular bathing so to avoid sebaceous secretions.

Since the Cornish Rex does not have enough hair to collect the oily secretions such secretions will make the cat look ugly and greasy. On top of that, the cat might be having several skin problems. Giving this cat a bath however would be a lot easier than any other cats as its coat dries very quick.


Pending on the cats location origin, bloodline, breeder, gender, color and patter the Cornish Rex rate is from $350 to $700. On the other hand quality Cornish Rex may sell for $1000.