Devon Rex catBreed Origin

The Devon Rex is the newest of its kind. It emerged in United Kingdom on the year 1960s. Since this type of cat is again new, there are only a few number of them in the world which makes it very rare.

This cat’s ancestors are of German Rex and the Cornish Rex. This new breed was discovered in Buckfastleigh, Devon, United Kingdom in the year 1960. It was first though of being linked with the Cornish Rex which was however proven through several mating test.


Unlike any other cat that always have three types of hairs namely the guard hair, awn hair and the down hair. Devon Rex posses a very odd coat as it does not have any guard hair. Devon Rex cats often called alien cats and or pixie cats for its medium size and one of a kind look. It has an very eccentric large and slightly rounded ears, wide head, large eyes, and slightly upturned noses. Its legs are sturdy and its toes are large which is very unusual for a cat.


Devon Rex cats are very devoted, mischievous, loving, affectionate, people oriented and active. They are also high jumpers and they prefer to stay at high places. This type of cats will really go to the highest spot in a room so to get a picture of everything. It was said that this cat is the most intelligent. It can be trained to play a couple of tricks such as to jump, fetch, lead and perform other tricks that a canine usually do.


This type of cat is safe for people. It sheds a very minimal amount of hair hence it is very much a hypoallergenic. Since this cat only las two types of coating it is advisable to give the cat much bath as possible. Diet must be carefully watched and proper exercise such as walking on the park would be good.


Its rarity gives it so much of value. When sold, this new type of cat is for $500 to $750 USD.