swiss bernese dogCarpet is a very good household ornament. It sure is nice walking going from one room to another in our house while walking in a carpeted surface. Yet again this household ornament maybe like a live sucking vacuum sucking our pets hair when it starts rolling, running and tossing its body on it. When our pet’s hair accumulate on the carpet the harder it is for us to take off, the more awful our home will look and the more subject for allergic reaction one can be. The following tips may be used in keeping our home pet hair free.

Aid yourself with the Brittle Brush/Comb

Give your dog some hair brushing to make sure that you already took off the hair that he will eventually lose sooner or later during the day. With regard to the pet hair that has been stuck in your carpet floor you may start removing the hair through using a metal comb or bristle dog brush before and after you do your daily vacuuming. This will give you the luxury and benefit or saving time in cleaning.

Use Rubber Gloves

Vacuuming at times is not enough. One revolutionary use of the rubber gloves is its ability to grab and have the pet hairs attach on to it without any hardship on our carpeted floor.

Dishcloth/Damp Towel

Taking off our beloved pet’s hair can be a very hard job. Try using a damp towel or dishcloth with water in your carpeted floor to snap out the pet hair sticking on to it. You may use a bucket of water together with your damp towel or rather dishcloth wherein you can always rinse and dry it when cleaning. Always make sure to dispose the hair and the water that you used in rinsing the damp towel so to make sure that the hair wont go back to where you took them.