Japanese BobtailBreed  Origin

Japanese Bobtail is a type of cat breed. Its presence is rampant all over the world yet its origin is in the Southeast Asia and yes, Japan. Although this breed is not exclusive only in Japan it has been name as "Japanese Bobtail" nonetheless. It is because of the cat’s rich history in the said country.

Several written evidence has been found that cats came to Japan from China and Korea 1,000 years ago. The Japanese Bobtail has been the Japanese street cat when the Japanese Authorities declared that all cats must be set free so to help kill rodents which threatens the growth of silk worms.


Every Japanese Bobtail is of medium size. Nevertheless, men are larger than females. It has lean, elegant and long torso showcasing its fantastically developed muscles. The head of this cat is rather equilateral triangle with large, upright and wide apart ears.

This cat’s muzzle is round and broad. The eyes are oval than round compare to other cats. Its legs are long, and high. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs. Coat is of soft and silk and has a medium or rather short length. Paws on the other hand, is oval with five toes in front and four toes behind.


This type of cat breed may have almost any color. It may have two to three colors on its coating which is usually composed of black, which and brown.


Japanese Bobtail are very active. In fact, these type of cats walk earlier than any other kittens. They are active, intelligent, a bit noisy, affectionate, sweet-tempered, observant and obedient. This type of cat loves communication no wonder several Japanese Bobtails knows how to play fetch.


Since these type of cats has short hair coating it is advisable to it to have 2 to 3 times of bath every month. Proper diet is important. Ask your veterinarian for more information with regard to what type of food your pet must eat. Japanese Bobtail are very much an active creature. Give them constant exercise.