siberian catBreed Origin

Siberian cats originated from Russia. It is a longhaired breed of cat of many types of color. It is also the most recognized cat in many major cat registries like the Cat Fanciers’ Association or CFA and TICA.

This type of cat breed popularity heightened during the year 1990’s. Nevertheless, its history has been very tremendous. It has been included in many Russian arts, paintings and writings for hundreds of years.


This cat is of medium or large in size. The female Siberian cat weighs lesser than the male. Females generally weigh 4.5 to 6.8 kg while the male generally weighs 6.8kg to 9.1kg. It has medium, slightly lover front in the hind appearing to be horizontal when the cat is on move. Siberian Cats attain their full grow very slow especially within their five (5) years.

This type of cat has a round, big paw. Its facial expression is sweet and cuddly. It has triple coat and its undercoat is rather tight. Its hair may thicken into curls on its britches and belly. This cat breed comes with strong colors and patterns.


It takes five (5) years for a Siberian Cat to mature. Nevertheless, cats of Siberian breed are very intelligent, loyal, loving, playful, affectionate and very leading.


These cats are 90% hypoallergenic. Siberians do not shed too much hair despite its thick coating. This type of cat requires constant hair brushing at least 2 to 3 times a week. Giving it a bath is really challenging due to its nature. 2 to 3 time a month of bathing is good enough.