cat You may wake up by a sudden sound of clashing in your kitchen or living room and find your pet cat being the culprit for all the noises that way made instead of a suspected burglar. By the time you spot your darling animal jumping from one shelve to another, running like a mobster evading a fast running cop, crying out loud, leaping as much as it can then you are witnessing what the pet owners call the Midnight Crazies.

The term Midnight Crazies is what people use so to describe the odd behavior of animals at night particularly cats wherein they play and do all tough acts in the middle of the night wherein the house seems like all for their own to take. One presumption of the scholars with regard to this behavior is that the animal is merely practicing its skills in fighting, escaping and hunting also due to the fact that they do not have anything to do at night or rather no one to tend to.

Be mindful that this character is in fact very much normal with cats especially for the young ones wherein they have a lot of energy to still shed. Yet again, no matter how normal the said Midnight Crazies might be it is still and will always be quite disturbing for some people. Hence, this particular behavior must be dealt with. The following are some tips on how to handle your very active nocturnal pet.

Help the Pet Relax

No one can make a pet more relax than its owner taking care of it before it sleeps. Make your pet sleep first before you just like tending a tender human baby that you have to feed and put to sleep before you actually do. Make your darling animal secure around your environment by providing it a good bed, toy and blanket. Perform constant petting with your animal while making it sleep through constantly holding it close and caressing it.

Provide a Venue for Playing

One of the reason why pets tend to be so playful at night is because its energy was not spent properly and it lacks fun with its life. Make sure to satisfy your pets playing needs within the day. A 15 to 20 minutes playing with your beloved dog or cat is practically good enough. Nonetheless, the best time to play with your pet is before you go to bed. It is so because by doing so your pet already put out its energy while playing with you. In this case your pet will be in a way tired to play some more after you put it to bed.

Confine your Pet

It is best to confine your pet in a certain secluded, clean, breakables free place or room at times. In that way, just in case your pet still does not give in to your pampering just for it to go to sleep. Your exaggeratedly active cat can always play in that secluded room without you being worried about anything at all.

Evening Proof Home

Just in case you do not have the luxury of actually secluding your pet you still have another option of which is to make your home protected from any harm that this certain pet may cause. Hide your most valuable breakable so to just avoid having found broken the next day. Take off the toys or things that a cat or dog might consider a toy. Taking off your pet’s "so-called" toy lessens the excitement of the animal at playing.

Correcting Mistakes

Make your pet notice or rather realize that waking you up in the middle of the night by its howling or wild night activities is not alright for you. Hurting your pet, throwing things or shouting at them is an option that one must not avail. Since a pet owner always wants to have a good rapport with their pet one can always ready a spray bottle or a water gun that one can use at making their kitten or dog shut up.