Dalmatian dogThe Dalmatian is a very popular dog breed noted for its white coat with either black or liver spots. This well-known spotted coat is only unique to the Dalmatian breed. No other purebred breed of dog features this distinct spotted coat. It has also been known in ancient times as the Carriage Dog, known for accompanying their masters on carriages and chariots as well as in firetrucks.

Breed Origins

The actual origins of the Dalmatian has been continuously disputed among dog experts even today. Contrary to what its name may suggest, there has been no evidence shown that the dog may have originated from Dalmatia, which is a province of former Yugoslavia. What dog experts agree on is that Dalmatians belong to a dog breed with an ancient lineage. There have been ancient Egyptian artifacts unearthed depicting dogs similar to Dalmatians running alongside chariots with their masters onboard. Other similar artifacts have also been found in Greece, France and even as far away as India.

Appearance and Size

The Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog breed with a sleek but muscled build. It is also known for its excellent endurance. It is also considered as a "square dog", with measurements from its shoulders to its feet similar to the length of its fore chest to its buttocks. Dalmatians have a short but thick coat that sticks closely to its body. The Dalmatian stands between 19 to 24 inches in height from its shoulders and weighs anywhere from 45 to 70 pounds.


Dalmatians are known as highly active dogs and quite energetic pets. They are also known to have a high level of stamina and may need regular amounts of exercise to keep it up. Dalmatians are also known for their extreme loyalty to their owners. Although they are always eager to please, they are not too friendly with strangers or other people that they do not trust. They make it known by being vocal with their barks when strangers come too close.

Family and Home Relations

Dalmatians are generally considered as good house pets. They get along well with children especially when introduced as a puppy. Being known as active dogs, Dalmatians enjoy going for long walks and would prefer living in a home with a yard or vacant space to explore or have its frequent runs on.