dog chewingMost pets come to a point wherein they are on the extreme zone for chewing things especially the young ones. Slippers, toys or anything that may be reached by a dog is subject for chewing. How do we manage this situation? The following are helpful guidelines in managing your pet’s chewing problem.

Baby-proofing the House

Give your pet something to chew and carry away with them. Have a specific, reachable place for these chew able matters in your house. Take off all matters that your dog can easily take advantage of and store it somewhere else safe. Make your house guest participate with this function as well. Slippers and house are the usual subject for chewing.

Unless you want your guest to walk home on barefoot you might as well permit them to walk in your place with their shoes one or rather have it stored it a safe place. Never scold your dog for chewing something that is not suppose to be chewed. Instead, mainly take the matter that has been chewed away, give your dog the thing that you are permitting it to chew and praise it for its obedience.

Acceptable Chewing Items

Always ensure that your pet is chewing some harmless thing. Cooked bones, stuffed Kongs and Nylabones are the best choice there is. Both Kongs and Nylabones comes in different shapes, sizes, types, texture, degree of toughness and chewing behaviors.

Unacceptable Chewing Items

We do not want to be inconvenient due to our pet’s chewing problems. Several pet owners suffer the problem of loosing or rather breaking their shoes, slippers that is why pet owners resort into giving them matters particularly so to satisfy their chewing frenzy. Yet again, we have to be aware the things that are not suppose to be given to these tiny creatures. Rope, toys with accessible squeakers are pretty much something to be avoided. This also includes rawhide chips and everything that may be choking hazard.

Praise not Scold

As we spend time with our pet we eventually learn their body language and can even tell what they next move would be. In case your dog astray its toys which can only be chewed for your slippers never hit or scold your dog. Instead, tell the dog "no" in a very subtle and friendly way before giving to him his own chewing toys. As the time pass by you will be surprised how your dog understand the must and must not be chewed matters in your premises.